Pack and Move U

If you are short on time to pack your house up or simply want to treat yourself, we can help you. Our team will safely put your belongings into removal boxes and transport them, along with your furniture, to your new home, apartment or business. We will also unpack everything to make settling in much easier. 


Packaging items available to help you move

  • Tea chests - waist high box for bulky or large items. Do not fill past halfway with heavy items like books as the box will be too heavy for one person to lift
  • Crystal cartons - small box ideal for plates, cutlery, glasses and books
  • Port-a-robe - waist high box with a cross bar to hang and move valuable clothing on hangers
  • Picture box - thin box ideal for pictures, mirrors, plasma and LCD panels
  • 10m bubble wrap - protective wrapping for fragile goods
  • 7.5kg butchers paper - wrapping goods or placing between items such as plates and glassware
  • Tape - closing boxes
  • King mattress cover - plastic protection coversheet 
  • Queen mattress cover - plastic protection coversheet
  • Single mattress cover - plastic protection coversheet
  • Chair cover - plastic protection coversheet
  • Armchair cover - plastic protection coversheet
  • Lounge cover - plastic protection coversheet

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